Monday, February 14, 2011

That was a Week, that was

I mentioned yesterday that I had an enjoyable writing week. The reasons? Do you remember my post about winning the contest to Skype with agents? If not, you can reread it here. The upshot was that on Friday the 11th, I had a very enjoyable conversation with agents Kathleen Ortiz and Liz Jote.

They call themselves Neoagents, and even have a podcast to prove it. (A neoagent is someone who has been agenting for less than five years and is actively looking to build his or her list.) I found them both to be thoughtful, hilarious, and very personable. So, if you are looking to query a couple of awesome agents, add them to your list.

The other thing that put me in a good mood was that I rewrote my first chapter under the gun, because I wanted to enter it in the Sandy Writing Contest. One of my writing group friends, Cheryl Coupe, came in third place last year in the Children's & YA section, and recommended this contest highly. The deadline was yesterday evening, and I made it with 24 hours to spare. I guess I work well with a deadline in my sights.

Got to get that contest entry in

It has also been a year since my first blog post. Next Saturday I'm hosting a blog party and will be giving away a prize (or even two.) All you'll have to do is be a follower, old or new, and leave a comment. In the meantime, I'll have to get a tech-savvy friend to show me how I can get fireworks to burst on the screen.

I'l be here again on Wednesday to talk about muddled middles. Hope to see you then.


  1. Fireworks sound nice...and a little dangerous...which just makes it better.

    Congrats on the contest and skype thing. Sounds like a great opportunity and I am just a wee bit jealous, but I contain it and wish you continued luck and success.
    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  2. Thanks for the comment, Charlie. I bet virtual fireworks are possible--if you have the tech skills.

  3. You really did have an awesome week! May the rest of the year prove as fruitful. :)

  4. ah..writing under pressure..when we let our brains really go for editing or doubt..just pure energy and talent rising to the top like cream
    Good luck on the contest..
    oh and muddle middles..yep that'd be me right now...but's not a race is it...or is it?
    Count me in for the partay


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