Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Jolly Good Start to the New Year

Remember that little poem I wrote about the agent holding a contest? Well, the results are in and Random Number Generator is now my bestest friend ever.

I won! The prize: a 20-minute Skype chat with agents Kathleen Ortiz and Liz Jote about all things publishing.

If you were me, what pressing questions would you ask? I'd love to know.

(P.s. Another Microfiction Monday writer also has good news to start the year. Lisa Ricard Claro's short story won first prize in the Writer's Journal Short Story contest. Three cheers for her!)


  1. That's fantastic, Michael! And what a terrific way to start the New Year! I'm really excited for you! Congratulations!!


  2. I'm a deer in headlights
    the cat's got my tongue
    I froze in my tracks
    .....I don't know what I would ask!!

  3. Thank you, Suz and Sylvia. I hope I won't be a deer in the headlights too!

  4. Thanks for the congrats and "link shout," and congratulations right back to you for your win! And what a fantastic prize. What to ask...oh, my goodness. You mean something besides, "Will you represent me, please?" LOL I'll have to think about that one. I do hope you're going to fill us in on all the insider info you acquire!

  5. Well done Michael!
    I have no experience of publishers but I think I might ask something along the lines of, 'do they look for new books based on what they think are current market trends (anything with vampires for example) or do they always accept anything as long as it is good'.


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