Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today's Giveaway: A signed copy of "Heart of a Shepherd"

At least Charlie Pulsipher does. And I'm always pleased to oblige.

I'm very excited about today's giveaway. Rosanne Parry is in my critique group and she is awesome. I have a signed copy of her debut novel, Heart of a Shepherd,  to give to one lucky commenter.

Here's what  Kirkus had to say about Heart of a Shepherd:

Sixth-grader Ignatius—he goes by “Brother”—faces a hard year as his father is deployed to Iraq, and he, the youngest of five boys, is left with his aging grandparents to manage the family ranch in Oregon. The episodic presentation, with each chapter a vignette from one of the months his father is gone, effectively portrays the seasonal changes of farm life. The spare, evocative language of his first-person narration immediately captures readers’ interest and never falters in describing a year in the life of this eminently likable boy trying hard to be the man of the house, facing up to one believable challenge after another. From raising orphaned lambs he names after hobbits to delivering a calf to rescuing a farmhand and the stock from a raging prairie fire, each event moves Brother toward a new sense of his own emotional strength. At once a gripping coming-of-age novel and a celebration of rural life, quiet heroism and the strength that comes from spirituality, this first novel is an unassuming, transcendent joy. (Fiction. 10 and up)
All you have to do is be/become a follower and leave a comment. Now, back to the dance floor...


  1. Just so the kids don't have it all their own way I just about to hit the dance floor with my very best drunken uncle dance routine.

    A sort of mix of St Vitus Dance and Bambi on ice.

  2. This made me miss the good old days.

  3. Yay! ...my wife says I dance like a cartoon character, but I don't care. If techno is on, I'm dancing!

    Dum cha doom cha dum cha duh nuh nuh!

    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  4. That looks like a great story! I'm looking forward to reading it and possibly adding it to the bookshelf in my middle school classroom.


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