Monday, February 7, 2011

Which writing magazines do you read?

I just received my March issue of The Writer and devoured it almost immediately. I've been a subscriber for years and, although I could receive it online, I still like the fact that something is coming to my mailbox and I can read it anywhere. March's issue had two brilliant articles, "The Art of the Perfect Sentence," by Janet Tarasovic, which I mentioned a couple of days ago, and a new feature called "First Page." Author Peter Selgin promises to analyze what works and what doesn't in a fiction opening--which is my blog topic for this whole month.

There's also a wonderful piece on writing envy, and an interview with Evan S. Connell (author of Mr. Bridge, Mrs. Bridge, and Son of the Morning Star.) Connell doesn't even have a computer. Egads!

The cover story is on social media. Recurring features spotlight literary magazines and an author's writing modus operandi in "How I Write," which the voyeur in me adores.

Do you read writing magazines? (Magazines focusing on the writing craft, rather than magazines like Ellery Queens, Glimmer Train, or Tin House.) If so, please take a moment to enter my first ever blog poll, and leave a comment if so inspired. I'm very nosy and want to know all about you. Perhaps I should be in marketing rather than this writing gig...?

Happy Monday.


  1. I had to redo the poll because it didn't accept multiple entries. I subscribe to (and read!)The Writer and Poets & Writer.

  2. Hi Michael - I've been a Writers' Digest subscriber for a while, and just started getting Writers' Journal and Poets & Writers. I also receive the SCBWI Bulletin because I'm a member.

  3. good thing you confessed..I thought I was even getting too old to vote
    writer's digest
    dropped poet's and writer's


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