Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's going to be fabulous!

I'm excited. Big plans are afoot, at least on this blog, for the month of February. While two of my favorite guy bloggers, Robert Kent at Middle Grade Ninja and Matt Rush at The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment are taking a short hiatus (they say it's because of their jobs, but I bet they're really off saving the galaxy), I'm determined to fill the void.

I'm pumped about February's Craft Book of the Month. (All will be revealed tomorrow.) Once it's revealed, I plan to blog ferociously, shining the light of what I've learned from this secret book on various published works.

And then there's the anniversary party to plan. Yup, I can hardly believe it: it's been a year since this blog debuted (no, I'm not going to change the name to 'The Decade of Writing Dangerously,' or anything; I like my blog title as is.) During this year I've had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and met stacks of interesting people. So, sometime in the month I'm really going to let down my hair--what's left of it--and have a boogie. There'll be prizes, fireworks, loud music. Neighboring blogs will be calling the police!

So, to leave you with the current favorite characters of all the little guys (sons and nephews) in my life:



  1. Thanks so much for the mention Michael! I love your blog, and should have time to read more often soon, I hope.

  2. Delightful blog post, my darling. As long as I can have a multi-year blog called "One Year to an Organized Life," I don't see why you can't keep yours as well. :)

  3. Can't wait!

    Has it been a year already?! Wow, where does the time go! Glad I found you.

  4. Thank you, guys. And to think I resisted blogging for so long. Silly me.

  5. Looking forward to your posts if I ever get a break from saving the galaxy:)

  6. Congratulations Michael! This is my second attempt at a message...the last one poofed when my computer blipped, so I don't know if you'll see it or not. Anyway, congrats! Looking forward to more posts and that noisy party you promised. :)

  7. I like a party. I'll put a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on ice. I am also good at blowing up balloons but not very good at tying them which makes it an exercise in total futility.


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