Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary. It's PARTY Time!

Wow! Sparkly lights! If you're here for the blog party, you're at the right place. First of all:

A Very Big
 Thank You
for making this first year at The YOWD such a great one.

(And now I've done shouting.)

But seriously, the past 12 months have been a blast. I've gotten to know so many wonderful and talented people from all over the globe. I've learned a lot about the craft AND the business of writing. So, each day for the next 7 days, I'm going to be giving you the chance to win a present.

All you need to do is be/become a follower of this blog. Then leave a comment in the comments section. It's as simple as that. 

(And since all good parties are about good conversations, especially among writers, I'd love for you to also consider answering the Question of the Day.)

Today's Question: If you were marooned on a deserted tropical island, which writer would you choose as your companion? (The writer doesn't have to be famous. If your mother is a great writer, please feel free to want to be marooned with her.)

Today's prize:

Here's the Goodreads blurb:

The symbolic home for creative people everywhere, Paris has been inspiration for countless artists and writers. In this dynamic book, well-loved author Eric Maisel gives writers the guidance they need to take a literal or figurative soul-renewing artistic sojourn in the city of light. It:

*Shares with readers how and why to take a creative visit to Paris
*Provides logistics for those committed to a trip and inspiration for those who hunger for a taste of the expat life
*Features the expert advice of America's foremost creativity coach

Filled with lessons and anecdotes that convey the spirit of the glorious city, this book will inspire anyone to create.
Each day's contest will remain open for the entire week of 2/19 - 2/25. (To give latecomers a chance.) All the daily winners will be posted on 2/26. International entries are welcome.

Raise a toast of your favorite bubbly drink
Here's to us!


  1. This is difficult. Arthur Ransome comes to mind, my favourite children's author as he was good with boats.

    Hilary Mantel is probably my favourite adult author, well travelled, her books cover a range of subjects,; it should make for good conversation and she is a girl which, for me at least, scores an extra ten marks.

    I considered Edgar Allan Poe, (and was due to visit Baltimore this week), but maybe he is just a little too dotty for a solitary companion.

    But when push comes to shove, I am going to pick Arthur Conan Doyle (just a tad dotty). Being a doctor too has got to help, (although from this era I think he might have a leech fetish). No one's perfect.

  2. Having a doctor is inspired, Dan.
    How about an author-chef?

  3. Well done, you! Congratulations... .but where DOES the time go?!

    I'd pick Mark Twain...for a combination of his sense of humor and a southern slant which would feel like home. Besides, who better to help you judge the tides? :)

  4. Another great choice, hope. I think Twain would keep me very entertained.

    Where does the time go, indeed?!

  5. Happy Anniversary dude! What a dangerous year it has been:)

    I’d pick a middle grade author, of course. How about Jean Craighead George, author of My Side of the Mountain. She’s outdoorsy, so she’d help me survive, and her stories around a campfire she built would help pass the time nicely. Bonnie Doer would also be a good choice for the same reason.

  6. Hey Mike! Happy blogiversary!

    I am going to pick Gary Paulson because #1 the man can start a fire with a hatchet and #2 I am positive that I am the last person on earth Mr. Paulson would like to spent the rest of his life with so he would be well motivated to get us off said island and back home to our respective families.

  7. Rob & Rosanne,

    With those guys in your "tribe," I can see you both being "Survivors."

    I'm still wondering who my companion would be. Dave Barry? Tom Robbins? There's only so far funny will take you, though.

  8. Congratulations on your first anniversary:-) Enjoy your second year's blogging.


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