Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who's the Best Dad: The Literary Version

Those of you who read my previous post know that I was promoting the Who's the Greatest TV Dad? contest on the Man of the House blog. (Good news, my man Cliff Huxtable romped into round 2. Cliff for the crown!)

Well, with all those TV dads getting some primetime, I figured that it would be fun on a WRITING blog to come up with our own competition.

So, dear readers and fellow scribes, start your engines. Put on your thinking caps. Who would you nominate in the World's Greatest Literary Dad competition?

I've got two already: Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, and Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter 1-7. And that's just off the top of my vacant head. You're all so much cleverer than me. We need a good dozen to make a fair fight of it.



  1. Couldn't think of a single one.... but then I found this:

    Babar the elephant!

  2. Good contest. Though often times as soon as I think of the best of, book, father role...I think of another just as good or better soon after.

    Sometimes I think of writing a depiction of my own Dad into literature. He died recently. He was a very strong, honest man with a soft heart. He hated war and guns but also had a bit of Walt Kowalski, as depicted by Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, in him. He fought in and survived the Battle of Normandy, Battle of the Buldge and in many other fierce and deadly situations.

    He loved animals and wildlife. Maybe I'd vote for Marlin, Nemo's Dad, in Finding Nemo.

  3. I always liked the dad in Roald Dahl's: Danny, Champion of the World, but now I can't remember his name, or exactly why I liked him so much.

    Hmm ...

  4. We had a conversation about this over dinner. My 12 year old came up with Pa Ingalls (well, duh!). Husband came up with the dad in "Winnie Dancing on her Own" by Jennifer Jacobsen--it's low MG. Mr. March in Little Women comes back halfway through the story and is well-loved. And the dad in We Didn't Mean to go to Sea by Arthur Ransome teaches the kids how to save themselves, then he comes in later and sails them across the North Sea.
    Thanks for keeping us busy during dinner conversation!

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  6. wow..when Christopher writes about his father...I know I would vote for him


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