Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here's What I'd Like To Do With That Comment Of Yours

No, I haven't been receiving nasty comments. Far from it. (Unless those anonymous comments that look like they're written in Czech are full of nasty Czech slanders and calumnies.)

I have been receiving wonderful comments, from a whole host of interesting people. I love all your comments and would like to answer them.

(There are some amazing bloggers out there. Matt MacNish is my all-time comment-responder hero, as he always seems to get back to you.)

And trust me, that means a lot.

Because it takes time to read a blog post. It takes time to comment on it. And it's gratifying knowing that your comment isn't stuck in the blog equivalent of the O'Hare taxiway in a snowstorm. It's being read, it's furthering the conversation.

Blogs are all about conversation. (And short paragraphs, if today's composition is anything to go by.)

So it pains me (just a little) when someone leaves a comment and I can't just email them right back. Because their e-mail address reads

Sometimes I click on their profile to see if they have an e-mail address. Sometimes they do, but then Microsoft starts bugging me to open Outlook, and all my e-mail goes through Yahoo. So I end up not replying. (Well, sometimes I say something in my blog comments, but who knows if a commenter ever returns to check once they've left a comment. I mean, there are only 24 hours in a day and a lot of blogs to cover.)

So, if you'd like to hear back from me, feel free to leave your e-mail address in the comments. I promise I won't spam you. (But if you're worried about spam, e-mail me your e-mail address to I'd love to personally thank you for dropping by.


  1. The commenters I find frustrating are the ones whose blogs are inaccessible. Some of them can be followed through subscription and I have duly subscribed but emails get overlooked sometimes. Lack-a-day!

  2. I love to follow any new commenters who show up on my blog, but it's so frustrating when their profile doesn't link me back anywhere.

  3. Somedays I do more reading than commenting...but I'm applauding you, even if you can't hear it. :)

    I hate comments from those unnamed people, often family, who pop up, leave a comment that is either not related or totally unnecessary, then slither away. I don't want to have to become Blog police or use "moderator", but I do find it annoying when someone "chooses not to share their profile" but doesn't mind sharing nasty opinions.

    Then again, guess that's what delete is for. :)

  4. Perhaps I'm lucky. So far I have escaped any nastiness.

    When someone comments on my blog I try to go to theirs and comment on what they've had to say. I don't think of the comments list as a conversation (because it takes far too long to keep going back to the same posts to see what everyone has to say).

    I don't expect a personal response - but if you insist I shall send you my email (if you don't already have it)

  5. I is frustrating to try to email or visit a blog and have no link back. I tried for a while to respond to comments with emails, but I ran into a brick wall more often than not; and even the ones that seemed to go through would bounce back at me later as undeliverable, so I don't email anymore. I respond on my blog, or go to the commenter's blog and leave a message there.


If comments be the food of love, comment on. Give me excess of them... (With apologies to The Bard)