Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whistle While You Work

My previous post, about the racket in coffee shops and whether one could in fact work to the tune of rattling tea cups and the whoosh of the espresso machine, brought forth a number of interesting comments. It seems that we are split between those who need a semblance of quiet and those who can write while yelling "Rock On!"

Which got me to thinking about the sort of music people might rock on to ("on to which people might rock?")

I am a musical dullard and very mainstream. And I do not usually write to a soundtrack. I did once spend a weekend writing while obsessed by Keane's Hopes and Fears CD, and I'm not sure what that says about me.

This is the tune I listened to ad infinitum. I overheard a recent version on Glee, which my wife watches on her laptop while I read [code word for "fall asleep."] It briefly brought me out of my slumber, so I could anoint the show as my new favorite. However, the video is very strange and is apparently an homage to E.T.

If you write while listening to music, what's YOUR playlist?


  1. hmmm...music and writing
    Well...let me put it this way
    When I find I am a full bathtub of feelings, I seek relief..a plug puller..in music..to release the feeling that is there
    Music intensifies the feeling and allows me to really investigate
    ..then comes the writing
    flowing freely..draining
    ah relief

  2. I can't write without my music. I think it puts me into a mindnumbing kind of mood that allows my mind to just release everything creative in me. It is always interesting to me how the pace of my book is influenced by what I am listening to as well.

  3. Prodigy. Outrageous I know.

    Normally I'm a Bare Naked Ladies kinda gal but there's something about an energetic, repetitive background beat that inspires me to write. I can't stand it in any other setting.

  4. I can't listen to music when I'm trying to write - the rhythms get in the way. I can sometimes read with music but don't generally like music as a background - I'd rather have speech, or silence - but the latter is rare in our house;-)

  5. You are so cute! (code word for fall asleep) And you are not a musical dullard--you just like your ballads and your minor keys.

    I can't write while listening to music...too distracting...unless my next-door neighbor coworker is talking loudly, in which case I'll put on some classical music.

  6. I used to revise to music when I was at school and could always remember things by singing the songs to myself. I can't compose words while I listen to music though.


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