Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Bear Needs a Name!!

In my previous post, I mentioned the bear I won at the SCBWI-Oregon conference. When I thanked the bear's maker, Bob Griggs, for his workmanship, Bob told me that I had to name the bear.
This bear is going to be my muse. Those of you who are good "namers," please take a stab at giving him/her a suitable nom de plume. (As you can see, there's an actual plume to hand!)


  1. Congratulations on your new muse!

    Hmm, now for a name...

    Perhaps William Shakesbear? (and when writer's block strikes, you can shake the bear for a cure)

    Although I might prefer Arthur Bear (instead of 'Baer' of course)

    Or, Elizabeth Bear-it Browning ... as he/she is after all somewhat Brown. And writers have a lot to bear.

    Good luck!

  2. I like Susan's suggestions!

  3. Susan is definitely the clever one! Love her choices!

  4. I like Susan's . . . but here's another.

    Bear Abel

    (for on those days when nothing is flowing, it is still BEARABLE)

  5. Considering the writing implement, perhaps Nomdy Plume would work.

    Okay I'll stop. Maybe I should just get myself a bear LOL

  6. Good ones, Susan.

    My thought: Oso Inspired

  7. Well, I like all the other suggestions but for me he (definitely a male) looks like an old-school toff so I'd opt for Sir Montmorency Montague.


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