Sunday, May 9, 2010

Microfiction Monday: Karma and Dogma

Welcome to Microfiction Monday, at Stony River: a writing life, where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.

[Hate counting letters and spaces? Try Design 215's character counter, which will count for you as you type. Microsoft Word will count for you too, of course, as part of its word count feature under the 'Review' tab.] Here's this week's picture, and my story to go with it:

Tashi puzzled over what the High Lama told him. If "my dogma ran over your karma," where else had the dang dog been? Underfoot, it seemed.

(What else can I say? It's been a busy week--although not as busy as Susan's. Good karma to all.)


  1. Ok, I laughing -- hard!! Can never tell about dogma! And yes, always underfoot! Great one for the day! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. lol. love your play of words. dogma and karma- hahha, priceless.

  3. Great word play in that. Nicely done.

  4. Oh that made me laugh out loud, really! It would seem the picture brought dog poop to a lot of folk's minds. :)

  5. Very enjoyable! I'm sure my mind will keep going back to it today at odd times. Clever lines do that to me!

  6. ah...rather deep, Michael?
    mine is here
    Happy Monday!
    Happy MM!

  7. Those darned dogmas, always leaving doo-doo on karma. Have a great week!

  8. Michael;
    love this, it's so, for a better word,smart.
    That dang dogma has been getting around.
    I admit to having a little poo in my post.
    Great job!

  9. How witty! Hope your karma is dogma free this week. :-)

    My MM: Standout

  10. LOL...very clever and use of words. Loved this :) Have a great week ahead :)

  11. Nicely done, I am still chuckling, I hope both Susan and yourself has a better week coming up.

  12. Seems there are many dogs running around in DC this week....and some of them have four legs. :)


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