Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Name of the Bear

O creative namers, all of your suggestions were so good. Had I but world enough and time, I would dress my muse up in all manner of outfits and use each of those names for one day of the week. (E.g. Monday it's Sir Montmorency Montague; Tuesday it's Oso Inspired; Wednesday it's Bear Abel... etc.) But, lest my muse fall into an identity crisis, I feel I must pick one...
And the winner is...

Susan at Stony River with William Shakesbear (at least until my Shakespeare novel is FINALLY completed. I kid you not: I am on rewrite #6 and mulling whether to change from 1st person POV to third. Any of you in the trenches who have undertaken anything similar: how did it go for you?)

And now off to see if Mr. Shakesbear will compose me a sonnet.

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  1. Woot! I feel honored!

    I've gone through a few major restructurings of novels -- four got finished. In every case I ended up feeling like it was for the worst; and by that time the whole project had lost its magic for me, and I abandoned it. I hope yours has a different fate! And I wish I could persist longer with things...


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