Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Musings: I've Found A Writing Blog Even Better Than Mine!

If you are a loyal reader you'll know I am humble, humor-loving, and (rule of three, rule of three, I need another "h"! Hedonistic? Hirsute? Holy? Oh never mind!)

Now I have another H for you, and it is HARDY. Janice Hardy, to be exact. I've recently found her blog, The Other Side of the Story, and it is a veritable gold mine of articles on how to write better. So, in the heroic spirit of H, I say "Hie thee hither to Hardy's." I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Any other top-notch blogs out there I haven't heard about? Let me know!

(Janice Hardy is the author of The Shifter and Blue Fire, which are going straight to the top of my reading list.)


  1. Janice's blog is probably the best I've ever seen for straight up writing stuff. Mary Kole's kidlit blog has a ton of good writing stuff on it. There are actually quite a few good ones, but I agree, Janice Hardy's stands out.

  2. Love Janice's blog. I had the chance to participate in one of her workshops and it was an amazing experience.

  3. I'm heading over there now-thanks!


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