Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fabulosities--Writing what you know and what you don't know

Here's a great quote for a writing Friday. Short but sweet.
Writing what you know is good for the soul. Writing what you don't know is good for the mind. In either case, if done well, it's good for the reader. (Heather Hall-Martin)
Are you a "write what you know" or a "write what you don't know" type of writer?

[All I know right now is that I'm longing for some sunshine. They're promising some for the weekend, so cross fingers.]


  1. I'm just starting a project for which I need to do a ton of research. It's fascinating but truly daunting--because I know I have to get it right and am a little worried I won't be able to. I guess we'll see! But even with stuff I "know", I still double check. And of course, there are many different interpretations of "write what you know"!

  2. oh dear...right now I am knee deep in Fitzgerald...Not sure he would make it now.....heresy, I know...better keep my mouth shut at workshop if I know what's good for me..hee hee..full of the tolerant,open-minded kind of people
    Anyway...I like to write about the interior of things and relationships...this I know well
    But there are times that you must get things correct...even if the reader is unaware that you did...
    And an aside...Fitzgerald wrote what he far it seems...
    back to "Crack-Up"

  3. Great quote. I aspire to write what I can make interesting. Not sure which of those categories that will fall under :).

  4. I double-check everything I know I know and sometimes find I don't! (or have forgotten) With things I don't know I enjoy finding out. Checking things takes longer than writing about them . . .

  5. I am certain this book's author is in the 'write what you don't know' category.


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