Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a Great Idea for a Blog!

Now that I've launched myself screaming and flailing into the blogosphere, I find I'm making new friends and visiting interesting sites on a regular basis. One of my recent finds was this great blog, Books Dudes Will Read. A mother--who's a teacher and writer--and her middle-school son review books together.

This is a topic close to my heart. I write middle grade fiction. I have three "dudes" of my own. I want my novel to be read by dudes, and want to find ways to encourage dudes to read more. So, I am giving a high five and some huge thanks to the Dude and his mom for this awesome blog. I'll use it to expand the reading horizons of my own middle-schooler.

Oh, and they're running a contest right now to win a copy of S.A. Bodeen's The Gardener. Head on over, leave a comment, and become a follower. It sounds like a good book to try to win. (And keep fingers crossed for me!)


  1. wow a four dude household
    I think I will head over to that blog even though I had only one dude and he's now 35 with a little dude of his own...but you never know what I can learn.....maybe I can write a dude book...who knows?
    I laughed about your writing group..boy have I been to some miserable groups and I mean hardcore I am in a loose group lead by a creative writing teacher ..who kicks our dialogue asses every week

  2. I'm so happy that you found me via the OR SCWBI listserv, too. That means that at the spring conference, maybe we can actually say hello in person! SA Bodeen is a member, too (but maybe you already knew that). Anyhow, thanks a million for the lovely write-up of our blog!

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    Suz, glad you have a good writing group now.

    BDWR, it will be great to meet you at the spring conference. Till then, I'll enjoy your blog.


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