Thursday, November 18, 2010

Craft Book of the Month: The First Five Pages

Week 3: Delayed

What ever happened to week three, I know you're asking. Admit it, you're on tenterhooks waiting for the next in this crucial craft series.

Well, production is being delayed this week because of a number of things. First, and sadly, my uncle in Canada died on Tuesday and that's set us back a bit. He was a cheerful, gregarious man and he and my aunt were married 50 years.

Next, son #1 is in his middle-school production of "Dracula" and the running around getting ready for the shows is biting (like the pun?) into our time. Right now, I have to go get flowers for the concession stand and drive miles to pick up the donated programs.

So... I will try to get back to Noah Lukeman by the end of the week. Till then, happy writing!


  1. Michael, I am so sorry to learn of your uncle's death, my thoughts are with you and his family. I do understand all the things that come up to keep us from doing some of the things we had planned -- having four kids in five years kept me well occupied, believe me. I'll be checking in from time to time! Have a great weekend!


  2. I did wonder what happened to week 3
    but oh so sorry about your dear uncle..50
    And reading about your busy life with your happy for you..for this is life!


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