Monday, March 29, 2010

Microfiction Mondays

Susan at Stony River has Microfiction Monday. A picture tells 140 characters... Here's this week's:

My story:

"Never a bridge too far," said short-sleeved Hector. He took a breath to welcome spring, downriver soon. His wife agreed and cherished him.

Try this. It's a challenge, but fun!


  1. Nice take on the picture. A lot found inspiration in the picture with the couples remembering a fond past.

  2. Oh, I like that he cherished her! I love it when men cherish the 'wife of their youth' instead of trading her in for a newer model!

  3. Thanks to all three of you for your comments. I'm fairly new to this blogging lark, but enjoying "meeting" so many people.

  4. Don't know what I liked more: his "cherishing" her or knowing exactly where Spring was. Nice work!

  5. oh how romantic. And hurrah, spring is here! no more winter blues!

    nice take.

  6. That's a nice one! I'd love to breathe in some spring myself -- our daffodils bloomed and then we got a blizzard.

    I'm sorry to be so late visiting, but that blizzard knocked at our power -- I'm finally online again to catch up!

  7. Yes--I'm married to a sweet romantic! Aren't I lucky? (I cherish you too, honey...)


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