Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jamie Cullum makes me think

Driving in the car to pick up my kids yesterday morning, listening to NPR "Weekend Edition." Jacki Lyden interviewed English jazz artist, Jamie Cullum.

I'd never heard of him, but then I've never heard of a lot of people. He's apparently quite a star in the UK, having sold more jazz records there than any other British artist. At the end of the interview, Jacki Lyden asked him why he called his new album "The Pursuit." Here's his reply:

One of the reasons I called it "The Pursuit," is because, you know, as a musician you never get to the finish line. There are goals along the way but you never finish it. So it is this constant pursuit, one that I wake up every day wanting to get better at and wanting to make better music, 'cause I think as soon as I finish this album I had new ideas about the next one. So there's plenty to pursue.

Substitute 'musician' for 'writer' and Jamie Cullum and I are singing the same tune.

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