Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Need Pitch Practice? Check out this great blog I found

Yes folks, I am now officially a blogosphere bottom feeder, spending my days trawling about searching for tasty morsels excellent blogs.

What a yummy blog!

Check out this blog I recently found. If you are skipping off to a conference with every intention to pitch, you need to read this first.


  1. My lord, look at that thing!

    Off to read that blog.

  2. I'm off to do your bidding! Thanks for what I'm expecting to be a great link.

  3. Keep it up and read some for me. I'm just trying to be friendly to my more friendly blog friends until I go back in the revising cave or whatever people call it (for me it's actually a very comfy soft brown chair). I love it when other people find good blogs and posts I can go back to when I'm ready to query or pitch or whatever. ;)


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