Friday, February 3, 2012

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Now that I've got you all humming a tune that has to do with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, I thought I would do a little reassessment of what sort of things I get all excited about AND which you might see on the blog in one manisfestation or another.
  1. Craft Books on Writing: I love 'em, and used to blog about them regularly (until I started recommending Middle Grade novels for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday, and all that reading blew my brain.) The other person who loves them as much as I do is the amazing Stina Lindenblatt.
  2. Microfiction: I used to be religious about Microfiction Monday, but again got too busy. For a great microfiction fix, though, you can visit the tremendously talented Lisa Ricard Claro. (Her Book Blurbs on Friday also ROCK!!)
  3. Queries: Yes, I have come to love the query. Does that make me insane? A great deal of my query-love comes from my friend Matt MacNish, who I believe is going to be a world famous writer one of these days. That guy can excavate a query's hidden gems like no one else I know.
  4. Humor: That's how my very own Middle Grade Mafioso came to be born. I like wearing sunglasses and fedoras. The other person who can make me laugh more than myself is Dan from DanPloy. Growly British humor at its best.
  5. Poetry: Suz at Begin Again writes these amazing free verse poems, often tied to a photograph. They are, quite simply, beautiful.
  6. A Love of the Sentence: Beth Kephart sits high in the pantheon of writers I admire. Her blog is honest, luminous, and inspiring. She loves words--and it shows.
  7. Middle Grade Fiction: Whether it's the crew at Marvelous Middle Grade Monday--too numerous now to mention individually--or my pals over at Project Mayhem, I am a firm lover of all things middle grade. I hope to be one of its published practitioners one of these days!
  8. Belief in Miracles: There can be no more prolific blogger than my wife, Marie. Her blog Every Day Is A Miracle can't be beat for the breadth of her interests and passions. She has believed in me from the beginning. The inspiration for her blog says it all:
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. I prefer the latter." -Einstein


  1. Oh wow. Such wonderful company to be in. Thanks for the shout out, Mike!

  2. You've mentioned three of my favorite things, I mean, humans, in your first three points! I'm going to have to check out the rest now!

  3., wake up this morning, fire up the old computer and search MY favorite blogs...and stumble onto this! why thank you
    and DanPloy is one of my favorites too...he is so funny
    Matt is a hoot too
    and Middle Grade fiction is becoming an acquired taste because of you..thanks..who knew?

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  5. I am tickled, honored, delighted, and, frankly, this could not have come at a better time.

    Thank you for this, Michael G-G. I'm going to cross post it right now.

  6. *waves at blogging buddy Matt*

    Thanks for the shout out, Mike. And now that blogger doesn't hate me anymore, I can even comment.

    Now to check out your other favorite things. (You do realize I'm going to be humming that song all day, right?)

  7. Crap! Now you got that song in my head..haha..thanks for that. Sounds like some great interests indeed, liking a query though, that's the first I heard that one.

  8. Thanks much for the "links love" Michael! I appreciate the shout. :) Plus you've given me some other great places to visit. Thanks!

  9. Of course, you are my favorite thing, too, my darling! Thanks for the creative support, in addition to all the other support you give me!

  10. What a wonderful list...thanks for sharing Beth with others.


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