Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anyone for Tennis?

If there's one sport for which I have a passion, it's tennis. And right now, the tennis world is focused on New York City and the U.S. Open. I will have to steel myself from sneaking away from my writing to watch magnificent forehands, backhands, and boom-boom serves.

(My fave player is Roger Federer. I'm afraid his glory days are past, as he is a 30-year-old dinosaur, but he is still good for some flashes of brilliance.)

A "Roger Roar"
Hope to see a few of these during the Open

Here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly (via Shelf Awareness), is an article about five books for tennis lovers. Shamefully, I haven't read any of them.

What sport draws YOU to play hookey from your writing desk?


  1. Football, Futbol, Baseball, and Basketball are the ones I watch. I also love Curling, but only get to see it once every four years. I've no idea why I like it so much.

  2. We don't have sport on our TV channels so no temptation which is just as well because if there was test match cricket on nothing else would get done.

    For tennis I am more of a Rosie Casals and Nastase kind of guy.

  3. Football. I can do without the rest. But I do love a good football game.

  4. My husband is usually the reason I play hookey. He's actually a tennis lover, too, though I'm not sure if he has a fave player. I'll have to ask him. :)


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