Saturday, March 12, 2011

WriteOnCon and Gidget the Widget

Only 156 days to go until the 2nd annual WriteOnCon. (How do I know? Because I installed a lovely new widget--I'll call her Gidget--on my blog that is counting down the seconds till we go live.)

WriteOnCon is the brainchild of a group of children's/YA writers who realized that attending conferences in the flesh can sometimes be costly and difficult. Their solution: a free online writing conference. And WriteOnCon was born.

To spread the word about this, the WriteOnConners are giving away some pretty "ooh-la-la" prizes: query and illustration critiques from some of Children's/YA's hottest agents. You can check it out and enter at their lovely website.

(I hope that staring at Gidget the Widget doesn't get too hypnotic.)


  1. Hi Michael, hope all is well.
    I will check this out. Did you get my email with address?

  2. Hi Suz,

    Don't klnow if you'll check back here, so I'll also comment on your blog.

    I've checked both e-mail addresses--nothing address-related from you. Can you resend to


  3. I will resend. I have already sent two emails. Hope this one goes through!


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