Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

I mentioned at the beginning of March that this was not going to be a frenetic blogging month. One of the major reasons is that Spring Break happens this week. The kids are out of school and we are packing up to spend a week at the beach.

My wife's parents have a beach house just a wee bit north of Tillamook. (You may have come across the cheese or the ice cream; it's big-time dairy country.) Usually we go there three or four times during the year and stay for a couple of days. But this year we decided to husband our pennies and spend the whole week there instead of Canada (two years ago) or Seattle (last year.)

The house is two blocks from the ocean. It doesn't have a phone, or computer connections. So it's off the grid, as far as blogging is concerned. Of course, I will take my laptop, and I hope to get some writing done. The sea breeze always seems to bring out the best from my inner writer (and I am constantly gifted with story ideas while there.)

The only hurdle to productivity may be the old birthday celebration on March 21st. I don't have birthdays, I have birthmonths. So turning 48 will be quite a production (I hope!!)

I'll be back in town on the 28th, ready to wade into blogland once more. Till then, Welcome Spring!


  1. A week at the seaside! I'm jealous. Hope you have a great time.

  2. I quite agree with MorningAJ. I'm so envious! A week at the beach AND off the grid. Oh, you lucky, lucky man. *sigh* My daughter's spring break is in two weeks, and we're headed to Florida to tour a couple college campuses. Imagine we'll squeeze in a little beach time, but nothing wonderful like you're describing. Have a marvelous trip!

  3. Oh I love their cheese indeed!
    Must be happy country
    Enjoy your week off enjoying what's really important in life...your family
    and Happy birthmonth! (I'm going to steal that idea next year)
    I recieved the book..can't wait to dive into it..I'll let you know how I liked it...thanks again

  4. If you're missing microfiction . . .

    I'm hosting a new microfiction meme and hope you'll join in.
    Succinctly Yours
    begins on Monday, March 28th. Check out the link for the photo and optional word.
    Hope you'll join in.


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