Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Series: Craft Book of the Month

Now that the kids are firmly back at school (and my youngest starts preschool tomorrow, not that anybody's celebrating!), I am feeling guilty at the way I neglected the blog during the summer. Seems I was able to rouse myself for Microfiction Monday and not much else.

However, that's not to say I was a slouch on the writing front. All my spare time since May has gone into reconstructing my Middle Grade novel, which has turned into a more mammoth undertaking than I ever envisioned. I will spare you the gory details--but they include both a change of tense and a change of POV. Phew!

Back in May, at the SCBWI-Oregon spring conference, the last session was led by Kate Sullivan of Little, Brown. In it, she reminded us not to forget to read books on craft. "Good point," I thought at the time, since I have shelves full of them. And, since I'm in revision mode, some of these books are an absolute godsend.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I am starting a new blog series. Each month, I will choose a book on craft I've found helpful. Each Wednesday of that month, I will post tips from my esteemed book of the month.

And now for September's Grand Unveiling. The Book of the Month is: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.

And just to show you that I am eminently flexible (as well as realizing that this post is going on way too long), my first comments on it will appear tomorrow. Thursday.

That's right. The Wednesday book of the month is debuting on Thursday. Did anyone say "preschool?"

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