Friday, February 5, 2010

What is "Dangerous Writing," Anyway?

"The Year of Writing Dangerously" is not about parasailing with your pen or iron-cheffing your characters. ("Big knife alert! Watch fingertips.") It is all about challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

If you write, but it's still a guilty secret, come out of the closet and call yourself a writer.

If you write only when inspiration strikes--or if you have a spare minute here and there--make an effort to start a practice. (Mine's called "Page-A-Day," and I'll doubtless spend a whole blog post on it later).

If you're feeling isolated, join a writers' organization. Then, sign up for a conference; put out feelers to form a writing group.

If you're a happy writer, but balk at the marketplace, gird your loins to make your work the best it can be and then send it to agents.

If you think you're perfect...Stop reading right this minute. Writing ain't for perfect people. It's messy, hogswilling work and the one constant is that you have to Rewrite... and Rewrite...and Rewrite Again.

Will it just be for "The Year?" Who knows? It will depend how far out of my comfort zone I've been able to stray. But I hope you will join me. I'll be writing about my revision of one novel, and the ending up of the first draft of another. I'll be writing about my forthcoming attempts to interest an agent. I'll be writing about my wonderful writing groups, and the conferences I plan to attend.

Being a "Dangerous Writer" is a badge of honor. I hope you'll wear it with me.


  1. I write now amazingly enough - after initial erotica career promise with the 'Red Rose of Love' racy number I wrote for Fr Placid all those years ago - but it's compact charity TV ads and I try to be as down-to-earth and cliche-free as possible (no "we desperately need you help"s) - and I enjoy writing, communicating a thoght, a need and also knowing that I leading people to give to charity

  2. I am proud of you, Rob, for using your considerable skills to do good. Well do I remember the "Red Rose of Love!" Do you think they passed it round the monastery?

    Keep well!


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