Friday, May 4, 2012

Troubles Abound

Dear Friends,

I was going to post something edifying today. But it has been a trying few weeks for my friends. There have been deaths, cancer diagnoses, and marital problems. I have found myself listening, hugging, crying, and praying.

This is life.

While my own immediate family is unscathed (for now), there are too many people I know who are suffering. Please send a positive thought their way.

Thank you--and may you and yours be well.


  1. I am glad your immediate family is not involved, and I am sorry that people close to you have had so much trouble. I hope this troublesome time passes soon.

  2. You have been busy (and no doubt emotionally drained). Glad to hear your immediate family is still save and healthy. And I hope it stays that way. Hugs for being there for all your friends.

  3. Yeah seems to be going around everywhere. Glad all is well and hope things get better at least in some small way for those affected.

  4. So sorry for your friends troubles. Hope things go better for them and glad your family is doing well.

  5. A hatfull of positive thoughts to all those going through tough times. I also seem to know a number of people dealing with difficulties, so I know how tough that can be. My thoughts are with you, too.

  6. A friend in need is a pest. Make sure they don't drag you down too; your family has to come first.

  7. I understand these life setbacks. Our family has had a number of our own in the past year. I hope and pray for comfort for your friends...and for you and Marie as your support them.

  8. Oh, goodness. Glad to hear that your immediate family is doing OK, and I'll be thinking of your friends. They're lucky to have you in their lives.

  9. this only shows your big big heart
    which I already guessed that you had
    I will send prayers for your friends and for your comfort in the ordinary wonderful loving days of your life with your family
    blessings to you Michael
    and thank you for being a good friend to those suffering


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