Friday, March 23, 2012

Does Reading Make You Fat?

From (my beloved) Shelf Awareness: Cookies and Pretzels and Wine, Oh My!

Response to our editorial about snacking was overwhelming, with salty snacks taking a slight edge over sweet. While we were mildly shocked at the librarians who eat and read, we were pleased with the suggestions we hadn't already thought of. For your reading and snacking pleasure, here are just some of the many comments we received.

Eliza Langhans sent a great line to begin with, from Amanda Filipacchi's novel Nude Men: "I am a man without many pleasures in life, a man whose few pleasures are small, but a man whose small pleasures are very important to him. One of them is eating. One reading. Another reading while eating."

ME: I don't eat while reading, though I do drink--usually tea. It seems I may be missing out, but if I did start to snack on the page, my waistline would be even thicker than it is now! Do you snack while scanning stanzas or coursing through chapters? If so, what's your nibble of choice?

And now for a brief word from our sponsors: I'm off on vacation, as it's "Spring Break" in these parts. Look for a resumption of regular programing on Friday April 6th. Till then, happy snacking!


  1. I don't eat while reading as much as I eat while writing. That's my downfall -- and I definitely prefer salty over sweet.

  2. I drink tea, too. I'm wondering if you're really going to Idaho.
    Have fun, wherever you go!
    Here's some advice--don't lock the Don in the trunk.

  3. I don't really snack at all, but I especially don't eat while reading. A beer, or a nice glass of Scotch, is all the calories I need.

  4. one pleasure at a time
    read first

  5. I'm like you, Michael. I only drink while reading a book. My 12 year eats chocolate and chocolate covered granola bars while reading, and drops chocolate crumbs in the books. :( No matter what I say, he still does it.


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