Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Being Auctioned Off

Ever wondered what sort of stuff I write when I'm not entertaining the world with my blogging and tweeting skills?

Well, you have the chance to view--and even critique--the opening of my middle grade novel, SHAKESPEARE ON THE LAM (Lucky Number 52). It was one of 35 YA/MG entries (out of 350) to be chosen to take part in Authoress's Bakers' Dozen Auction over at Miss Snark's First Victim. Come Monday, 15 agents will be doing the agent equivalent of the Black Friday dash into the Mall of America, nudging each other aside as they bid on the number of pages they want to read from the entrants they most covet.

Till then, the rest of us get to comment and critique. I would love to see you there--and I promise that if you have any constructive criticisms I will be delighted. I want this piece to be the strongest it can be.


  1. congratulations and good luck! I'll be following your progress on MSFV.

  2. congratulations and good luck! I'll be following your progress on MSFV.

  3. Good luck! I have a YA entry as well but yours was my favorite of the ones I didn't write! :-) Looking forward to reading the rest some day.

  4. Am putting post it on desk to remind me to go when I'm not dead tired. Sounds like fun. Good luck!

  5. ohmygosh, that was you? :-)

    Believe it or not, I JUST discovered Miss Snark's First Victim last week (and I was a fan of Miss Snark). I was reading through the entries today and saw the Shakespeare on the Lam entry. I thought it sounded original and fun.

    And congrats on your full read! w00t!

  6. Congratulations on being chosen! That's such a fantastic achievement. What a great idea too! And extra special congratulations on the bidding!


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